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About Ecrest Global Resources

p>ECREST GLOBAL RESOURCES is an e-commerce firm duly registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

We are the most reliable e-currency exchanger, with great reputation, providing e-currency exchange at the most competitive rates.

We are committed to rendering first class service to all our clients—first time, all time. Our services are reliable, fast, efficient, secure and affordable, with dedicated customer support at any time of day. Orders are processed and concluded within the shortest time possible, giving you a leg up on the business you need.

At Ecrest Global Resources, we help you convert your Cash to E-currencies and also help you convert your E-currencies to Cash. We provide convenience for our clients in all areas of e-business. Our clients include, but are not limited to, online forex brokers and traders, internet merchants, exchangers, organisations and individuals involved in online financial transactions.

As a client, you get updated information about your orders on automated SMS and/or email confirmations. You also get customer support just at the time you need it.

Ecrest Global Resources is dedicated to becoming an industry leader in e-currency exchange payment solutions and allied services for companies and individuals anywhere in the world, with guarantee of credibility and security. Ecrest Global Resources is a Perfect Money & Neteller certified exchange partner in Nigeria.