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E-currency means electronic currency and is a means of exchange with which you can make and receive payments online.

There are so many e-currencies. To get an account with any, check our Homepage and click on the logo of the e-currency to get an account.

Ecrest Global Resources is the leading and most reliable e-currency exchange company. We will be glad to do it for you.

The price fluctuates, current prices will be displayed on our home page.

You can buy/sell e-currencies from us either in our office or on our website. To buy/sell on our website, Register for an account, validate your account and login, then click BUY e-currency if you want to buy or SELL e-currencies if you want to sell, fill the form correctly, verify the details and submit.

We try our best to serve our prestigious and numerous customers as prompt as possible. Funding ranges from instant to 48 working hours after payment is received and confirmed. However, contact us if funding has not been done after 24 working hours.

We will buy it from you and pay into your bank account. You can come to our office or place a SELL order on our website. Payment is made to your bank account as soon as ecurrency is received and confirmed. However contact us if payment is not received after 24 hours.

The Minimum amount of e-currency you can BUY from us Or SELL to us is $20. However note that we reserve the sole right to review this anytime without any consultation.

We receive payments through our accounts with Guaranty Trust Bank and First Bank of Nigeria PLC. We can add more banks anytime. Please login to your account to get our bank account details. Payment to our client can be done to any commercial bank in Nigeria.

We can offer you a refund but that must be in accordance with our refund policy. See Terms and conditions.

We DO NOT offer any investment opportunity at the moment. We shall make a public notice if we ever start one.

Unfortunately we can't. Contact the owners of that particular e-currency directly.

No. It is your responsibility to create an e-currency account and keep your details secure.

We work 8:00am to 5:00pm Mondays – Fridays and Saturdays 10:00am - 2:00pm

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